Excerpt from Chapter VI – “Morning Will Come”

Published August 17, 2017

DAVE PARKED THE CAR IN a circular drive in front of unit one. He and the Capt. walked in the front door, and saw Sgt. Gilson at the end of the hallway dealing with an inmate. The inmate was a medium height black man who from the waist up had the muscular body of a WWF fighter. As was the case with many of the power lifters at the prison, his upper torso was quite developed. However, he’d neglected to do his “leg work,” so when he was wearing shorts it looked as though he were riding an ostrich.

“Buckley, I can’t help it you decided to sleep late and missed rec. You know what time it leaves it, it leaves the same time every day. I’m not going to make a special exception and call down there just so you can go.” Sgt. Gilson patiently explained.

“Oh man Sarge,” Buckley said, “ it aint like I axe you this every day.”