Excerpt from Chapter V – “Morning Will Come”

Published August 14, 2017

MORNING COUNT WAS CALLED, SO that meant that all the units were locked down. For the few minutes of the lock down there was no movement on the grounds by any inmates. This gave Dave and the Capt. a few minutes to just drive around the institution without having to worry about interruption.

As Dave drove slowly through the complex. the Capt. looked at each building and was flooded with memories. As he drove past unit number one, the Capt. was reminded of his first night working alone.

He was a twenty-two -year-old country boy thrown into a mix of thirty-six inner-city criminals. He’d gone through a month of classroom training, followed by three weeks of on-the-job training. Now, here he was, on his own. He was, he would later tell people, shakier than a beagle shitting a peach pit. He had walked confidently into the unit and was met by the stares of the thirty-six inmates that lived there. To them, he was new meat, and he knew that as soon as the relief officer was gone, they would begin testing him.