Excerpt from Chapter IV – “Morning Will Come”

Published August 11, 2017

THE CAPTAIN WALKED INTO THE office and noticed Gaines with his hands clasped behind his head and his feet on the desk. His uniform cap, which he didn’t normally wear, was perched low on his forehead almost obscuring his eyes. He looked up to the desk as Brian entered the room and said “Well, you old fart, finally calling it quits huh,?”

Brian just smiled and walked over to the key cabinet and punched in his code to remove his keys. Out of habit he grabbed his radio and slid it on his belt, clipping the mic to. his shoulder.

“What you gonna need that for Brian?” asked Gaines.

“I figure it’ll give me a chance to listen in today while they fix whatever you screwed up last night,” Brian replied.

“Yeah right,” replied Gaines “at least I won’t have to come in and clean up the messes that you leave behind!”