Excerpt from Chapter II – “Morning Will Come”

Published August 5, 2017

HE PARKED HIS CAR IN THE upper parking lot, and looked out over the institution where he had spent much of his adult life. It had changed over the decades. Originally designed as a Juvenile Boy’s School for two hundred twenty-five wayward youth, it now held sixteen-hundred Medium and Maximum adult male inmates. New housing units had been constructed to ease the overflow, but the old adage, “Build it and they will come” proved to be more than true. Each unit was overcrowded, including the twelve that had been there when he started.

He thought back to his first day at the prison. All he knew of prison was from old movies and TV. He expected the “convicts” to be hardened, grizzled, broken-nosed thugs, and his fellow officers to be baton wielding brutes, ready to kick-ass for any slight provocation. He looked at the appointment letter in his hand, and as he went in the gate house for the first time, he handed it to an odd looking officer behind a long counter.